Welcome Words by the EANM Congress Chair

Dear Colleagues,

I am very pleased to invite you to the 37th Annual Congress of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine. The EANM’24 will be held in Hamburg, on October 19-23, 2024.

Over the past years, we have seen the EANM’s Annual Congress becoming larger, more impactful, and more successful, accompanying and shaping the fantastic growth of our diverse, exciting, and ever-growing specialty.

This year, once again, we will be able to exchange and discuss the latest theranostic advances, the most impactful clinical evidence, the most recently developed radiopharmaceuticals, and the most novel imaging and detection technologies. This is only possible because you send your most exciting works, your most original ideas, and your most accomplished results to the congress team, and I thank you once again for it.

This year, we will highlight with renewed emphasis our partnerships with clinical societies, with whom we work hand in hand to ensure that all patients can benefit from a timely diagnosis and an effective treatment.

We focus specifically on facilitating interactions and exchanges across disciplines, competences, and generations. Indeed, in my vision, one central mission of the EANM’s annual congress is to motivate and inspire the youngest members of our community, who will be shaping the future of our field. The only everlasting element in our discipline is change, making adaption essential to guarantee our continued success. This can only be achieved with the contribution and active involvement of younger specialists and collaborators, who will bring our developments and advances forward. New communications technologies also play a pivotal role in knowledge sharing. This is why the online material will be made accessible during and after the congress, to reach the largest possible audience.

For all these reasons, I want to thank you already because I know that each and every one of you in your daily clinical, research, and teaching practice is preparing the content that will be discussed at the EANM’24. Rest assured that from our side, we are doing our best to prepare everything adequately and provide you with the most exciting platform.

I look forward to seeing you in Hamburg!

Valentina Garibotto
EANM Congress Chair 2023 – 2025


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