Welcome Words by the Chair of the EANM Technologists Committee

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

On behalf of the EANM Technologists Committee, it is an honour and a great pleasure to invite you to the EANM’24 in Hamburg, which will mark the 37th edition of the EANM’s Annual Congress.

Last year’s congress was an incredibly successful and hugely attended international event which we recall with warmth and professional satisfaction. This year, during the EANM’24, we hope to deliver another set of memorable moments and to exchange once again on high-level clinical and scientific topics. As the Chair of the Technologists Committee, I would like to thank you for your kind acknowledgement of our efforts as well as your precious words of encouragement with respect to the further improvement of the Technologists’ Track. We greatly appreciate your vital input at every step of the Technologists Committee’s development process.

Every year, the Technologists Committee focus on constructing a full multidimensional programme dedicated to Nuclear Medicine Technologists – the Technologists’ Track. This initiative brings together interdisciplinary professionals, covers several aspects of the field’s developments, and ultimately consists of presenting the most relevant content in accordance with the most recent scientific reports.

Several topics will be discussed over this year’s Technologists’ Track. These, among many others, include whole-body multimodality imaging principles, PET-CT in oncologic diseases’ staging applications, radio-guided surgery, brain PET studies, as well as recent advancements regarding artificial intelligence and radiomics. One of the most relevant aspects of healthcare will also be discussed: patient advocacy. Furthermore, an opening session dedicated to the launch of our yearly publication, the Technologists’ Guide, is being prepared.

Finally, we hope that three practical mini courses will enable you to develop new skills and acquire additional and valuable professional experience. Topics like the use of generators, quality management system, or lean management are considered.
It is our leading objective to acknowledge the relevance of your work and to express our deepest gratitude for your efforts during the e-poster and oral presentations.

As in recent years, we expect these sessions to be of very high quality and to serve as a platform to promote and share knowledge. As an additional motivating factor, an award will be given to the best presenters and e-posters.

You can always catch up with the Technologists Committee’s members during the Congress to discuss your concerns, ideas, and needs. We are always happy to listen to the people we actually work for and with — you.

With my best regards,

Agata Pietrzak
Chair, EANM Technologists Committee


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