Board & Scientific Programme Representatives


The Board is the highest executive level of the association, creating and safeguarding the EANM’s vision to help the speciality continue to thrive.

Promoting scientific excellence is one of the cornerstones of the EANM’s strategy that is proudly showcased at the Annual Congress.

Rudi A.J.O. Dierckx (Netherlands) President 2023-2024
Paola A. Erba (Italy) President-Elect 2023-2024
Felix Mottaghy (Germany) Committee Coordinator 2023-2024
Valentina Garibotto (Switzerland) Congress Chair 2023-2025
Sona Balogova (Slovakia) Education Chair 2023-2025
Alexis Vrachimis (Cyprus) Secretary/Treasurer 2024-2025
Michel Koole (Belgium) Liaison Officer 2023-2024

Scientific Programme Representatives

The Congress Chair and two representatives of each scientific EANM Committee are in charge of the compilation of the scientific congress programme, supported by the session coordinators.

Valentina Garibotto (Switzerland) Congress Chair
Davina Mak (United Kingdom)
Salvatore Annunziata (Italy)
Bone & Joint Committee
Olivier Lairez (France)
Fabien Hyafil (France)
Cardiovascular Committee
Johannes Tran-Gia (Germany)
Silvano Gnesin (Switzerland)
Dosimetry Committee
Domenico Albano (Italy)
Olivier Gheysens (Belgium)
Inflammation & Infection Committee
Antoine Verger (France)
Igor Yakushev (Germany)
Neuroimaging Committee
Valentina Ambrosini (Italy)
Francoise Kraeber-Bodere (France)
Oncology & Theranostics Committee
Pinar Kiratli (Türkiye)
Pietro Zucchetta (Italy
Paediatrics Committee
Mathieu Hatt (France)
Dimitris Visvikis (France)
Physics Committee
Uta Eberlein (Germany)
Ioannis Iakovou (Greece)
Radiation Protection Committee
Filippo Lodi (Italy)
Harry Hendrikse (Netherlands)
Radiopharmaceutical Sciences Committee
Alfredo Campennì (Italy)
Michael Kreissl (Germany)
Thyroid Committee
Peter Laverman (Netherlands)
Pedro Fragoso Costa (Germany)
Translational Molecular Imaging & Therapy Committee
Agata Pietrzak (Poland)
Luisa Pereira (United Kingdom)
Technologists´ Committee


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